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Fiction Submission


Abingdon Press launched its first fiction line in Fall 2009. Abingdon Fiction categories include women’s contemporary, romance, historical romance, historical, mystery, suspense/thrillers, action/adventure, and stories about biblical figures. (No literary, fantasy, futuristic, apocalyptic, or other speculative fiction.)

Abingdon’s Inspirational Fiction Boundaries

We only accept submissions from established agents and writers who meet with the editor at writers conferences.

We are acquiring manuscripts with:

  • Well developed and original plots that are subtly layered with spiritual themes.
  • Complex and diverse characters who experience faith, doubt, joy, loss, freedom, addiction, and more. Our characters range from quirky to edgy, but all are realistic.
  • Plots, conversations, and scenes that focus on the emotional aspects of relationships but do not include physical descriptions of sexual activity, voyeuristic or excessive descriptions of violence, or “shock language” that profanes the worth of human beings or other living creatures.
  • That explore the gray areas of life—the everyday situations that seem to have no clear-cut solutions. Our stories strive to illuminate the human condition and express God’s enduring love and grace.
  • All submissions should be addressed: Manuscript Submission; Abingdon Press; 201 Eighth Avenue, South; Nashville, Tennessee 37203.

    Our goal is for Abingdon stories to contain scenes that might encourage read the novel aloud in a group setting, perhaps in a church reading group, and to recommend our fiction to others. We strive for authenticity, relevance, and excellence in all the novels we publish: fiction to touch the hearts and minds of readers.

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