Executive Staff

Brian Milford
President & Publisher

Neil M. Alexander
President & Publisher Emeritus
Blake Aldridge
Executive Director,
Cokesbury Marketing
Jeff Barnes
Executive Director,
Cokesbury Operations
Rebecca Burgoyne
Executive Director, Publishing Systems/Production Services
Steve Cashion
Executive Director of Application Technology
Catie Cameron
Executive Assistant, Office of the Chief Financial Officer / Operations Analyst
Tamara Crabtree
Executive Director, Marketing Abingdon Press
Mike Cunningham
Executive Director of Information Technology
Gerald Davis
Executive Director, Digital Commerce Systems
Mary Catherine Dean
Associate Publisher/Editor-in-Chief
Paul Franklyn
Associate Publisher for Bibles, Leadership, Theology
Tammy Gaines
Chief Financial Officer
Chari Greer
Executive Assistant, Office of the President & Publisher & Chief Content Officer
Audrey Kidd
Chief Revenue & Customer Experience Officer
Camilla Myers
Executive Director,
Financial & Business Analysis
Mary McCarthy
Executive Director,
Cokesbury Merchandise
Kevin McLoud
Chief Digital Officer

Jason Pate

Marj Pon
Associate Publisher for Teaching & Learning

Sandra Poola
Executive Assistant, Office of the Senior VP & Chief Ministry Officer

Susan Salley
Associate Publisher, Ministry Resources

Amy Smith
Chief Administrative Officer & Associate to the President & Publisher

Bishop Robert H. Spain
UMPH Chaplain

Deborah White
Executive Assistant, Office of Revenue & Customer Experience