Executive Staff

Brian Milford
President & Publisher

Neil M. Alexander
President & Publisher Emeritus
Blake Aldridge
Executive Director,
Cokesbury Marketing
Jeff Barnes
Executive Director,
Cokesbury Operations
Rebecca Burgoyne
Executive Director, Publishing Systems/Production Services
Steve Cashion
Executive Director of Application Technology
Executive Assistant, Office of the Chief Financial Officer / Operations Analyst
Justin Coleman
Chief Ministry Officer
Tamara Crabtree
Executive Director, Marketing Abingdon Press
Mike Cunningham
Executive Director of Information Technology
Gerald Davis
Executive Director, Digital Commerce Systems
Mary Catherine Dean
Associate Publisher/Editor-in-Chief
Paul Franklyn
Associate Publisher for Bibles, Leadership, Theology
Tammy Gaines
Chief Financial Officer
Chari Greer
Executive Assistant, Office of the President & Publisher & Chief Content Officer
Audrey Kidd
Chief Revenue & Customer Experience Officer
Camilla Myers
Executive Director,
Financial & Business Analysis
Mary McCarthy
Executive Director,
Cokesbury Merchandise
Kevin McLoud
Chief Digital Officer

Jason Pate

Marj Pon
Associate Publisher for Teaching & Learning

Sandra Poola
Executive Assistant, Office of the Senior VP & Chief Ministry Officer

Susan Salley
Associate Publisher, Ministry Resources

Amy Smith
Chief Administrative Officer & Associate to the President & Publisher

Bishop Robert H. Spain
UMPH Chaplain

Deborah White
Executive Assistant, Office of Revenue & Customer Experience