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Our Mission

Mission Statement:

Reaching more people in more places with quality services and resources that help them come to know and deepen their knowledge of God through Jesus Christ, learn to love God, and choose to serve God and neighbor.

The United Methodist Publishing House, which includes the work of Cokesbury, Abingdon Press, and the Common English Bible, is a publisher and distributor to Christian clergy and laity, with primary responsibilities for the publishing and distribution for The United Methodist Church.

We operate under the direction and control of the thirty-eight-member Board of The United Methodist Publishing House. Board members are elected by the church’s five jurisdictional conferences or selected by the United Methodist Council of Bishops, and several are chosen by the Board itself.

The Publishing House is a fully self-supporting agency. For more than 60 years UMPH has made annual contributions to clergy pensions amounting to over $50 million.

At The United Methodist Publishing House, our aspiration is to understand and serve ever-widening circles of people and provide what they need for their ministries and spiritual journeys as disciples of Jesus Christ. We strive to be their first choice for products and services they will choose, use, and value.

Members of the board and staff at building dedication, July 2015






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